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Méliane LemmensPralines


I like to work with different textures like this cashew praline.
It is both very melting but also slightly crunchy thanks to the addition of small pieces of cashew nuts.
It is a dark chocolate from Madagascar that coats this chocolate delicacy, all decorated with almond powder.”


When we eat this praline, we get a taste of the very acidic side of passion fruits.
This very liquid caramel, made of passion fruit, fresh cream and milk chocolate, combines perfectly with dark chocolate, which is also slightly acidic.”


For this praline, I make a ganache infused with Sichuan pepper.
When tasting it, initially it will be very soft, very round and then you will discover the characteristic traits of this berry of Asian origin: a floral and slightly spicy taste.”

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I have always loved chocolate since I was a child. It is only after exploring different professions that I realized that it was my true passion. From then on, I made it my profession.
I love working with pralines and complex ganaches with mixtures of tastes not necessarily expected. Often fruity or spice based, I bring my feminine sensibility in my creations usually a bit fun because…

…chocolate is for me a wonderful moment of entertainment and a means of communication…of sharing.

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